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Do you feel bogged down by all the work involved in planning a webinar? Well, we have some good news for you! In this blog post, we share three ways you can streamline your webinar planning process by using WorkCast’s reusable webinar templates with your branding. By trying these tips, you can save time and achieve every marketer's dream - brand consistency. So, whether you're new to webinars or a seasoned pro, keep reading to learn how you can simplify your webinar planning and deliver engaging and informative sessions effortlessly.

  1. Create a master webinar template
  2. Select repeatable webinar features that you use every time
  3. Quick and easy webinar template tweaks: 3 adjustable elements

Create a master webinar template

When it comes to creating a successful webinar, there are a few things you'll want to keep consistent - like your branding and the types of questions you need in your registration forms. Needing to apply these settings every time you want to create a webinar can feel like a manual job and a waste of time. But fear not! There is a solution for this - master webinar templates. By creating a master webinar template, you can easily streamline your planning process and save tons of time.

Think about what content will be consistent throughout your webinars, like branding, email content and resources, and configure them in your master template. Then, with just a single click of a button, you can apply these items to any new webinars you create. That means you can focus on the fun stuff - like coming up with an engaging title, crafting a summary, and setting the date and time for your webinar.

Pick your favourite webinar features that you use every time

Did you know that you can easily pre-set engagement features for your webinars by using a master event template? With the WorkCast Platform, you can configure a variety of awesome webinar features in advance, so you don't have to add them each time you create a new event.

This includes features like registration form fields, attendee email reminders, and event resources for your attendees to download or link to your website/product pages. Don't forget about engagement features like moderated Q&A or chat, which can make your webinars more interactive and engaging for your audience. Plus, you can even add third-party plugins like Twitter feeds or Slido to take your webinar to the next level! By pre-setting these features in your master event template, you'll save time and make your webinars more engaging and effective.

Quick and easy webinar template tweaks: 3 adjustable elements

We know that sometimes you need to switch things up and make your events stand out. Maybe you have a special one-off event or a new sponsor that you want to showcase. Well, with just three simple changes, you can make your master event look completely different at an event level.

Primary Webinar Brand Colour

Update your template primary colour by updating the hex code (like #ff6600) and see your registration and auditorium page transform instantly with a splash of vibrant hue with your new colour.

Secondary Webinar Brand Colour

In the same way you would update your primary colour, update the hex code for the secondary brand colour on your template to update things like the ‘join’ button on your registration page.

Webinar Template Background

You also can swap out the background on your event template for a new colour, gradient, or image.

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By using WorkCast's reusable webinar and webcasting templates with your branding, you can save a whole lot of time and effort when you’re setting up a new webinar. Creating a master webinar template, pre-setting your favourite webinar features, and making quick and easy template tweaks are all great ways to simplify your webinar planning and deliver engaging and informative sessions effortlessly. So, whether you're new to webinars or a seasoned pro, give these tips a try and watch your webinar planning process become smoother and more effective.

How to streamline your webinar planning with reusable webinar templates


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