"Webinars are too complicated and take too much time to set up!"

That’s one of the most common complaints we hear from our customers and potential customers, alike.

The good news is that both webinars and marketing automation tools are evolving quickly. And WorkCast is leading the way.

Integration with leading marketing automation platforms means that creating and presenting webinars is as easy as ever, especially in HubSpot.

Integration has never been more important, and not just for ease of use. Marketers want - and need - actionable data that will allow us to make decisions and create successful campaigns.

With webinar platforms, like WorkCast, you have a couple of easy options for marketing automation integration:

  • Integrate your webinar platform with your marketing automation platform (which is way easier than it sounds); and
  • Embed webinars in your marketing automation platform 

With our powerful integration, WorkCast for HubSpot, marketers can create awesome webinars in just a few clicks.

Here's a step-by-step guide [with infographic]

  1. Use the right templates - awesome templates will definitely make your life easier. Check out the HubSpot marketplace for some great customizable options.
  2. Customization & branding - customize your landing page, thank you page, and auditorium for your brand. Make sure to include custom forms and CTAs for maximum engagement.
  3. Create your webinar emails - create your invitation and confirmation emails (on-brand of course) linking to your landing page and auditorium.
  4. Create lists - use HubSpot's list tool to ensure you have everything ready before the webinar starts, including: registered list (use in step 5); attended list; no-show list.
  5. Create a fixed-date workflow - use this workflow for the reminder emails, pre-event emails, and follow up emails. 
  6. Follow up - decide on how you will follow-up with your attendees based on your webinar topic. Will they be nurtured? What type of content will they receive? Will sales get in touch? It's always a good idea to have a plan to nurture your warm webinar leads.



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