One of the biggest perks of using hosted webinars in your marketing strategy is that they don’t have to be a one-hit wonder. Surveys carried out by the Online Events industry show that of the registrants that can’t make the live event, just shy of 70% would view the on-demand if given the chance.

Take a look at your webinar attendee journey

Let’s look at your attendee’s journey for a moment. Let’s call her Jen. After receiving a targeted email from you about your upcoming webinar, or seeing an advertisement for it on Social Media, Jen fills the mandatory fields with their information and hit ‘submit’. She is then sent a confirmation email with instructions on how to access on the day. The morning of the webinar arrives and a calendar reminder pops up to make sure she doesn’t forget to log in... but what’s this? She now has a meeting with some colleagues that she cannot skip, meaning she can’t attend your live event and won’t have the option to take part in your all-important Q&A. Poor Jen.

What if Jen had turned into a hot lead? Then she’d told her BFF who works in another company about her awesome experience with you, which turned into another deal?! If only she’d had another opportunity to watch your webinar!

The solution?

Well, you could run every webinar twice… Or (for those slightly more prepared marketers) you could record your presentation and Q&A and create a file that you can host on-demand.

Going back to the attendee journey, imagine Jen’s relief when she receives an email from you the next day that reads ‘Sorry you missed us! Here’s a link to watch the recording.’ And better yet, she opens the page to see an ‘Ask a Question’ button below the player window! She may have missed the live Q&A, but at least after seeing what other questions were asked, she can submit her own query and get a speedy response from a member of your team, whose inbox is set up to receive these.

Make sure to use Webinar Libraries

Hosting your past webinars in a webinar library can make your webinars into the gift that keeps on giving. WorkCast hosted webinars are attached to our reporting section in the exact same way as live webinars are. So, what does this mean for you? Daily, weekly or monthly downloadable reports on the viewers of your hosted on-demand content, all neatly presented and ready to give to your teams for follow-up!

Now, I know what you’re thinking; ‘But we don’t use webinars for lead generation’. And of course, that’s far from being the only use for webinars! So how else can recorded and hosted webinars benefit you?

Correct me if I’m wrong but surely there’s no limit! Embed a webinar about your company into your careers page on your website, create a library of CPD webinars for your staff, post your company quarterly results to your stakeholders, get your company rebrand off the ground, share your cutting edge thoughts on the industry you work in... the list is endless.

The question is: What do you need to achieve?

Hosted webinars are just as important as live webinars which is why WorkCast host them in the same fully-branded page and offer 12 months hosting as standard, at no extra cost. Rather host your webinars on your YouTube channel? Fine by us. Sadly, you won’t get WorkCast reporting, but what you will get is a polished Mp4 file (no silly reformatting here) to help you give it more online exposure than Kim Kardashian.

So there you have it. WorkCast looks after the lifetime of your webinar, not just the live.

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