What is your role at WorkCast?
I'm the Customer Onboarding Leader at WorkCast. I ensure every client has an effective and fast onboarding experience and strive to make a good first impression. I typically work with new clients from the point of sale, through their template design and build process to ensure a successful first event. I also work with existing clients on their template updates and any new requirements they have such as channel builds.

Describe a typical day for you at WorkCast
Every morning I look over emails that have come into the general event planning inbox to answer customer questions and assign new template builds and edits to our design team.

I check up on our clients who are currently going through the onboarding process to ensure they are up to date and have all of the support they need. I also get to speak with new clients to discuss their vision for their event and help them through the design and template process to set them up for success. 

Event builds for new clients have become part of my daily routine, ensuring clients have their managed event booked in and that registration links go out on time.

What is your favourite thing about WorkCast?

I love the people at WorkCast! Everyone is genuinely lovely and has made me feel very welcome from my first day. They're all so passionate about the job that they do and each and every person plays a key role in ensuring the best experience for our clients. It’s definitely the people that make WorkCast great and I am so grateful to part of that.

workcast1Sunderland team out for a night of Go-karting (Pre-COVID-19).

What advice do you have for somebody looking to run their first webinar?

Do it! Due to the current climate, webinars and virtual events seem to be a normal part of businesses wanting to deliver key information. Online events are flexible, interactive and an easy way to deliver a message to large audiences anywhere in the world.

Did you have to cancel any trips this summer and if so, what will you be doing instead with your time off?  

My husband, 2 boys and myself were meant to be flying off to Turkey this year but that trip was cancelled. In place of the holiday, we bought a summer house to enjoy time as a family. We also have a couple of camping trips arranged in the Lake District and Richmond to look forward to.

Any local restaurant recommendations for the people visiting where you live? 

I love The Lamp Room in Seaham - they do tapas and seafood. The food is outstanding, the atmosphere is always lovely, and the location on the seafront is great. 

How are you passing the time during quarantine? 

It has been lovely to actually go back to basics, enjoying family time, playing games and going for long walks. I have also had the urge to decorate due to spending more time at home and that has been keeping us busy too. Quarantine has overall been a challenging experience but it has been nice to spend time together with no outside distractions.


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