Viewing post-webinar reports can sometimes be a little demoralising, especially if you haven’t hit those attendance targets you set.

It can seem like all the hard work and time you and your team invested, has all been for nothing.

But, have a positive outlook; You’ve still got an opportunity to grasp the attention of those who registered, but didn’t attend!

Here are a few methods to positively influence those no-shows and reconnect them with your webinar content!

First, let’s look at the way to communicate with them.

Be More Persuasive

A phrase so often used in marketing and sales, but one definitely easier said than done at times.

If it were that easy to be more persuasive, every marketer in the world would be able to convince people to buy everything, all the time!

In the case of influencing webinar no-shows, there are, however, a few simple tips to make your arguments a little more convincing.

Usually, you’ll be communicating with no-shows via email, as that’s how they’ve registered to view your event.

Within these emails, pick out key elements of your webinar, and focus on them.

This could be quotes, statistics or even graphical elements. Just something to build your message around, that is eye-catching enough to grab their attention.

Remember, you’re trying to convince someone who failed to attend your initial webinar, that they’ve missed out on something special.

Give these elements pride of place within any email communications you send.

Starting with the usual, “Our latest webinar…” isn’t suitable for this kind of promotion, as it might be the reason that many weren’t convinced enough to actually attend in the first place.

So, begin with a catchy tagline, or even some of the aforementioned quotes or stats, to try and capture their attention.

Stress the fact that they’ll gain something from attending and use bullet points to give a flavour of what can be obtained by viewing.

Think of these emails as you would your initial invitation emails and put as much effort in as you can to drive people towards your content.

Now, let’s look at two particular ways you can leverage your webinar no-shows:

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On Demand Replay Reminders

After your initial Live webinar, you should receive a recording of the event itself.

This is such a valuable marketing asset to have, so treat it that way!

Utilise the recording for On Demand viewing purposes and send out emails to no-shows detailing its availability to them.

Emphasise the fact that they can view the content anytime, anywhere, at their leisure.

Give them the freedom that they perhaps didn’t have with the Live showing of your event.

I.e. A predetermined date and time that the Live event could be attended.

Also, in these emails, use the above tips to create a message and narrative that will interest no-shows enough to tune in.

When you send these reminder emails is totally up to you. Best practice would be to send one a few hours after your webinar has concluded.

That way it’s still fresh enough in their minds, but enough time has elapsed so that they’re again free to think about your event.

Mention the fact that the content will become available after a certain time (usually 24 hours after event end) and include a link to that landing page.

It’s important to include this link, as your end goal is to drive traffic to both that page and your website.

Email Link to Repurposed Content

Repurposing the content within a webinar is an excellent method of squeezing every drop out of it’s usefulness.

Linking to those repurposed materials, is a slightly different way of reconnecting with webinar no-shows.

By repurposing, we mean extracting elements from your slides, audio/video or transcript.


  • Any graphical elements used
  • Blog posts written about the content etc.
  • Video clips created from your recording

Taking tidbits of information and presenting them in a different format, perhaps drawing new conclusions too, can target no-shows from an alternative angle.

Consider them as lead-ins for your event recording, as they should be used to complement the bulk of information within your webinar.

Including links to these pieces of content, in any emails you send post-event, might persuade them to look a little further and view the On Demand recording.

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