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Make. An. Impression.

(A positive one of course).

Virtual Trade Shows provide the perfect opportunity to showcase exactly what your brand represents.

Designing the booth for your show should take precedence, because it’s the aspect that will represent your company to all attending.

If it’s good, they’ll make a positive association.

If it’s bad, well, let’s just say you probably won’t hear from them again!

Here’s seven tips for designing a virtual trade show booth:

1. Include the Company Logo (Lots. But not too much)

Marking your territory by featuring the company logo prominently on your booth is a good way to indicate your event presence to visitors.

With the correct amount of logo placement, your stall will be clearly identified by users.

If it’s included in the right places , those viewing will hopefully retain your logo and make an association between your brand and its products.

Promoting this brand association means you have to ensure the rest of your booth positively reflects your business!

2. Place a Range of Product Images

Using images to make your products the ‘center of attention will leave users in no doubt that they’re the most important aspect of your stall.

By including images that display what your products are, what they do and what they can offer, visitors will have all the visuals they need to make a decision about your brand and products.

Having visualizations of products will increase the likelihood of viewers making a purchase from you in future. Choose the ones displayed very wisely.

3. Make it Easy on the Eye

If a shop front has a brightly coloured sign, open doors and products displayed in the window, you’re more likely to go in, right?

The same concept applies to Virtual Trade Show booths.

Make it inviting to potential visitors by including brightly colours, with numerous images and relevant media. Anything to improve the aesthetics of your stall.

People will retain your brand and products if they remember your stand because of how it looked, so make it as pleasing to the eye as possible!

4. Check its Responsive and Enjoyable

Visitors want to actually enjoy browsing your booth, including responsive features can help in that respect.

Auto playing videos, scroll-on images and other interactive tools will increase their enjoyment whilst they’re attending.

Let’s face it, when you visit a trade show, virtual or physical, there are so many brands competing for your attention.

The stalls that have interactive elements included in them are usually the ones that stick in your mind when you reflect on the day.

Improving the chances of users remembering your booth by including the aforementioned responsive features, is an excellent way to promote a positive viewpoint of your brand.

5. Offer The Freedom To Navigate

Giving visitors the freedom to navigate around a booth easily, both enhances the quality of your page, and offers a good impression of your brand.

If they’re able to view every section, with zero problems and with consummate ease, their overall user experience whilst viewing will be positive.

Removing any barriers to access, i.e. faulty links or poorly labelled buttons, will make your booth a more quality presentation, increasing the chances of future sales.

6. Instant Messenger & Live Chat Featured

The Instant Messenger or Live Chat feature should be clearly marked and visible to those attending.

Why? Because it's their way of communicating with you and other like-minded individuals who are viewing also.

Creating a communication channel gives those in attendance the chance to get talking about your brand and products, which can only be a good thing.

For example, even if there is negative feedback from some, it’s better to know about it so you can learn from it and make changes.

Opening the avenue for visitors to ask questions about your brand and products will make your booth more interactive and suitable for the purpose of a Virtual Trade Show.

7. Make Sure It Actually Works...

A complete no-brainer.

Before the Go Live date, have your events team check that the booth actually works from a user's perspective.

Any errors that aren’t picked up on beforehand will negatively impact any visitors experience, with a possible knock-on effect being a poor perception of your brand and potentially, of your products.

If your booth looks shoddy, then why would your products be any better?

Quickly testing aspects such as links, media and page navigations will help avoid this and root out any errors beforehand!

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