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Our cloud-based platform is easy to start and powerful at scale, providing the tools to unleash your digital event potential, with outstanding support every step of the way.

Webinar templates to make your brand pop

More than cookie cutter.

Ready-to-use, fully customisable webinar templates so you can easily apply the branding that matters most - yours.

Engage Against The Machine

Connecting you to a worldwide audience.

Ramp up your webinar engagement and interaction with over 55 features at your fingertips.

WorkCast webinar chat and polls engagement
WorkCast video player being embedded in a Website

Embedably Good

Easily embed your webinar into your website.

We’ve made it simpler than ever to embed your content into your own website so you can make your content work harder for you. Simply create, grab, embed. Ta-da!

Integrations and Custom APIs

We play nicely with your tech stack.

Seamlessly turn registrations directly into leads, and data into actionable insights with integrations that work with your tech stack, not against it.

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WorkCast Webinar Reporting Dashboard

Powerful Data and Analytics

Insights for your sales team.

Get powerful, real-time event analytics that integrate directly with your tech stack, so you can qualify leads and personalize your buyer journey.

Webinar Support On-Tap

Our event experts are here to make your event the best it can be. Whether you want to do it yourself or are looking for comprehensive digital event support, WorkCast has options for every event.

Real People

Global Support

Live Support

Fast Responses

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Don't just take our word for it

Trusted by our worldwide customers. Businesses just like yours.

“Very helpful and friendly staff members. They feel like actual internal colleagues working with you along the whole project.”
"The team we are working with to onboard has been fantastic. I was nervous about this process and it has been flawless!!!!! This was a transition a long time coming for our webinars and everyone we’ve worked with has been absolutely f**king fantastic!”
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“The team is always super helpful, polite and very nice to deal with. The technical rehearsal is so useful for the speakers (and me) and no question is ever viewed as silly.”
Kate L
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