WorkCast Awards 2020



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Thursday December 10 2020

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 4:00 PM GMT | 11:00 AM EST | 8:00 AM PST

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In a year defined by video meetings, bread making, Tiger King, and everything inbetween, we're celebrating the best online events the world had to offer.

We’ll be highlighting the best online events of 2020. From innovative design, witty presenters, and newcomer underdogs, you’re sure to find some inspiration for your 2021 events as we celebrate this year's successes. Plus, our CEO Stewart Kibby tells you who he thinks smashed it out of the park.

Meet Your Presenters


Melissa Hugel

As the Global Marketing Manager at WorkCast, Melissa is an expert on how to use webinars as part of your growth strategy. With a strong background in content development and best practices, she'll be the person to ask any marketing, content, design, or strategy questions during this webinar.


Stewart Kibby

CEO and co-founder of WorkCast, Stewart has been at the forefront of online event solutions for over 10 years.  With experience as a Director in the tech industry, which included a relocation to California, his mix of European and US experience provides an insightful view into webinar adoption and it’s move into marketing automation.



Natalie Parsons

Natalie is a Digital Marketing Specialist at WorkCast with a key focus on campaigns, social, and acts is out residential webinar expert. Having recently joined the team, Natalie comes from a background of hospitality marketing where knowing your customers is essential.