Webinars have come along way and data is more valuable than ever! Today’s webinar technology is sophisticated and you should always make sure that it works in your advantage!

We know that when it comes to webinars, webinar data that is a key element in managing relationships with customers and prospects moving forward.

Marketing Automation and Account Based Marketing are driving the requirement to get all our data into one place. So whether you are currently running webinars or you plan to do so, our upcoming webinar is here to keep you ahead of things.

On this webinar we will talk about:

  1. Why webinar data is important and how to track it properly.
  2. How integrated webinar data into Marketing Automation can improve lead conversions. 
  3. How to use webinar data to achieve different goals across your business.
  4. How webinar data can be used for driving different automated workflows, notifications and reports e.g CPD/CMS.

Join Barney Brown and Anthony Hart as they discuss the importance of tracking your webinar data and how that data can be used to achieve different goals across your business. 

Watch the webinar:

Key Information

Is your webinar data telling the whole story? Learn why webinar data is important and how to track it properly, not only in the webinar platform that you are using, but all the way to your marketing automation platform and in your conversion process. 

Who Is Speaking?


Anthony Hart, Head of Global Customer Operations, WorkCast

barney brown.jpg

Barney Brown, EVP, WorkCast