Learn how to transform your webinars, with video.

When creating webinars, along with your business goals there is aways another goal, one which many companies don't measure, even if they should: engagement.

Truly great webinars successfully engage their audience. Running thousands and thousands of webinars over the years, our data shows that when using videos in webinars, engagement grows and the dreaded 'death by PowerPoint' is avoided. 

Some people might think that just because they've presented their PowerPoint of Keynote slides in a webinar, they have made the most out of it. But that is not entirely true.

Join this on-demand webinar to learn:

  1. How to utilize video in different parts of your webinar.
  2. How to leverage live and pre recorded video in your webinars.
  3. How to increase engagement by embeddeding video in your presentations.
  4. How producing great webinars which include video can easily be done by using standard desktop tools.

Watch the webinar today and learn how to turn your webinars into engaging experiences, with video.

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Key Information

Learn all about using video in webinars and better engaging your audience. Get tips on leveraging both live and pre recorded videos in your webinars and presentations. All of this with standard desktop tools!

Who Is Speaking?

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Barney Brown, EVP, WorkCast