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Since Thomsons started in 2000, they've had one clear aim - to use technology to revolutionize the employee benefit market. From introducing the market’s first paperless and signature-free pensions enrollment to the launch of their benefits platform, Darwin™, they have continued to push the boundaries of innovation. 

Today, with over 100 industry awards under their belt and more than one million employees using Darwin™ globally - in over 97 countries and 31 languages worldwide - Thomsons continues to revolutionize the benefits market.

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The Challenge

The challenge Thomsons Online Benefits faced was to find an online events platform solution that increased the level of engagement at benefits fairs. This was particularly important for one client who was running a benefits fair where new perks or benefits were being introduced. 

Beyond improving engagement, Thomsons' client needed an online alternative that allowed greater reach and provided an on-demand experience.  

The Goal

Thomsons Online Benefits had two main goals for providing their online benefits fairs for their client: 

  • Empower their client to increase employee attendance at the fairs and attract as many attendees as possible to the live event 
  • Provide an online benefits platform that encouraged employee engagement by creating opportunities for employees to interact with presenters via live chat


How we Helped

Increased reach and engagement

The WorkCast platform allowed Thomsons Online Benefits' client to host a two-day benefits fair and achieve their main goal - to increase the event's attendance rate and employee engagement.  The client's event achieved their highest attendance rates ever despite not introducing new benefits or perks that year, and made the event more accessible for all employees to engage with from the comfort and convenience of their desks. Beyond increasing attendance during the live event, the client continues to have success with their on-demand virtual event content.  

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The Result

Their client's live event attracted approximately 200 attendees across the two days, which was significantly higher turnout than any in-person benefits fair has achieved. By producing an on-demand version of their fair they were able to increase their ROI and extend their reach even after the live event aired.  Most importantly, Thomsons Online Benefits had a very happy client. 


Day Virtual Benefits Fair
Live Attendees
Using On-Demand Content
"There is a lot of work to be done to pull off a successful live event both on the platform and off it, in terms of promotion. It can be so worth it if you put the effort in. The guys are experts and will help you every step of the way."

Emma Adams
Thomsons Online Benefits

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