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Customer Success Story: Resourceful Marketing & Realeyes


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Resourceful Marketing & Realeyes

Resourceful Marketing is an inbound marketing agency working exclusively with clients in the B2B tech sector, such as RealEyes, a global technology company that has  developed software to measure people’s emotions as they view video content.

We spoke to Beverly Russell from Resourceful Marketing and Colin Pye from RealEyes to discuss their experience working with WorkCast for HubSpot. In both cases, HubSpot is central to their company’s marketing and it is the fact that WorkCast integrates so seamlessly with HubSpot that led to their decision to use the platform to host their webinars.

  • The HubSpot integration provided them with everything they needed - from the contact record to tracking webinar interest to the email automation.
  • WorkCast’s integration with HubSpot also meant that they had a branded, integrated landing page that allowed for seamless reporting.
  • WorkCast offers a premium brand experience, so it’s as near a live event as it can possibly be.
  • The customizable nature of the webinar platform protected their brand values and identity.
  • The back-end of the platform infrastructure was second-to-none, providing them the confidence to deliver a really robust webinar.

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“WorkCast gives you confidence that you're going to deliver a really robust webinar. They offer a premium brand experience - as near to a live event as it could possibly be.”
Beverley Russell, Managing Partner Resourceful Marketing

Beverley Russell, Managing Partner
Resourceful Marketing

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