Knowing Your Audience

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Knowing Your Aud

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Webinar best practice - putting the time in to define your audience.

Some of the most successful webinars and virtual events we see here at WorkCast are the ones where the host has really thought about who will be watching.

They adjust their tone, the topics they cover, and the level of detail they go into to match the needs of their audience. The result? An engaged audience that receives value in exchange for their time. Plus, bonus points to the host for boosting the authority of their brand. 

Join Team WorkCast for the latest in the ongoing Webinar Best Practice series to learn how you can define your audience so you can create a tailored webinar or virtual event experience that will cut through the noise.  Better yet, you'll be able to apply the takeaways here to your entire marketing strategy. You will learn:

      • Customer Journey mapping
      • Creating your personas
      • How to use your data to influence your webinar planning
      • Basing your goals on customer journey and personas
      • How to match the right content to your audience's needs

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Meet Your Presenters

Melissa - 400 x 400 - circle webinar

Melissa Hugel

As the Global Marketing Manager at WorkCast, Melissa is an expert on how to use webinars as part of your growth strategy. With a strong background in content development and best practices, she'll be the person to ask any marketing, content, design, or strategy questions during this webinar.

Stefan Eldridge-Gatti Profile

Stefan Eldridge-Gatti

Stefan is an SEO and Content Specialist at WorkCast and loves everything to do with detail. Stefan focuses on our content strategy to make sure we are serving the right content to the right people at the right time, making our content work harder. 

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Natalie Parsons

Natalie is a Digital Marketing Specialist at WorkCast with a key focus on campaigns, social, and acts as a residential webinar expert.