Intro to Webinars

A comprehensive beginner's guide to webinars for marketing and event professionals.

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Join WorkCast's webinar experts to learn how to execute high-quality webinars that will cut through the noise and add value to your audience.

With more people than ever working from home due to COVID-19, webinars have become a critical tool for marketers and event professionals to engage with their audiences in two-way conversation and keep a healthy sales pipeline. Intro to Webinars will provide you with the tools to:

      • Understand webinar best practice basics
      • Drive results using webinars
      • Create engaging webinar content
      • Optimize slide design for your user experience
      • Promote your webinars using effective techniques

Meet Your Presenters


Melissa Hugel

As the Global Marketing Manager at WorkCast, Melissa is an expert on how to use webinars as part of your growth strategy. With a strong background in content development and best practices, she'll be the person to ask any marketing, content, design, or strategy questions during this webinar.

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William Konesko

As the Customer Operations Manager, William (Bill) has helped hundreds of clients across all industries effectively implement their webinar programs. Whether it be a technical question, webinar best practices, or a very specific issue you're experiencing, Bill will have your answer.


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Joni Taisey

Special guest presenter Joni is a digital marketing specialist and webinar expert. Having scripted, promoted, and hosted dozens of webinars, she will provide you with all of the tools and insider advice you need to stay organized and run an effective webinar for lead generation purposes.