Intro to Virtual Events

In the 'new normal'  virtual events are king. Learn how you can take advantage of the digitized event revolution. 

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The re-imagined events industry is here, and it's gone virtual. 

There is simply no denying it. We are well and truly in a digital first world which is being led by pandemic-specific innovations. The events industry in particular has been getting a makeover of epic proportions with virtual events spearheading the shift in event delivery.

Join us for Intro to Virtual Events, a free webinar where you will get insights from our industry experts on virtual event basics, and how you can create your own. You will learn:

      • Virtual event best-practice
      • The benefits of using virtual events
      • Use cases for virtual events
      • How to create a virtual event, even if you are facing the challenge of transitioning from a physical event
      • Create an engaging, on-brand experience
      • Effective strategies for promoting your virtual event 

Meet Your Presenters

Melissa - 400 x 400 - circle webinar

Melissa Hugel

As the Global Marketing Manager at WorkCast, Melissa is an expert on how to use webinars as part of your growth strategy. With a strong background in content development and best practices, she'll be the person to ask any marketing, content, design, or strategy questions during this webinar.

Natalie - 400 x 400 - webinar page

Natalie Parsons

Natalie is a Digital Marketing Specialist at WorkCast with a key focus on campaigns, social, and acts as a residential webinar expert. Having recently joined WorkCast, Natalie comes from a hospitality background where knowing your customers is essential. 


Rob Lyndsell - 400 x 400 - new pink

Rob Lyndsell

Special guest presenter Rob is the Head of Custom Events and Webcasts for WorkCast. He is responsible for understanding the bespoke requirements for a custom event and how to translate that into a successful outcome. Rob has been with WorkCast for 6 years. He's married with a young daughter and supports Manchester United.