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Case Study: Growth Capital Ventures



Growth Capital Ventures is a growth-focused investment firm who has been using WorkCast as their webinar provider since 2017.

We spoke to Head of Digital at Growth Capital Ventures, Dan Smith, about their decision to use WorkCast to host their online events and webinars and how they use the platform for education and thought leadership.

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The Challenge

Growth Capital Ventures opted for the self-service webinar licence, so that they could have full control over their webinars.

This meant that they were required to run their webinars themselves, with the WorkCast events team available via email or phone if they had questions or issues.

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The Goal

Growth Capital Ventures aimed to use WorkCast’s self-service webinar platform to create engaging content in an easy and efficient way, using the various interactive features to tailor the experience to their target audience.

The company’s focus was to educate and inform their audience on everything - from investment schemes to how to raise investment as a startup.

How we Helped

  • Using the self-service webinar option allowed Growth Capital Ventures the ability to create content in a quick, easy and efficient way
  • Growth Capital Ventures leveraged the customization, interactive features of the WorkCast’s platform to create a personalized experience for attendees
  • Growth Capital Ventures were able to to deliver traditional-style presentations, Q&As and poll-style discussions
  • WorkCast's events team provided webinar knowledge and expertise to help Growth Capital Ventures run their webinars autonomously

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The Result

The whole focus at Growth Capital Ventures is to educate their audience. With an aim to expand their online event activity, they were able to increase real-time engagement and interaction with their audience by running over 15 webinars. In fact, they drove an average conversion rate of 41% with their latest webinar. 



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“I've had the pleasure of working with WorkCast in various capacities over the past 5 years...Their knowledge and experience really is second to none.”

Dan Smith
Head of Digital, Growth Capital Ventures

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