Why Share Your Screen When You Can Share Your Vision

Melissa Hugel
21-Sep-2015 11:30:00

In the growing and exciting world of webinars, nothing seems simpler than engaging with your audience by showing them what you are looking at and talking to them through it, right?

A large proportion of the webinar software providers and web conferencing tools use this approach and in certain circumstances, we think it can be just dandy.

Having said that, have you ever wondered what would happen if halfway through your most complex point, Andy from accounts is walking back from the coffee machine and trips over your cable? If it was ripped from the wall and all you had staring back at you was a black screen? What then?

How can you concentrate on sounding like a rock star if you have the stress and strain of worrying that things are going to go wrong?

What’s wrong with Screen Sharing?

Here are the facts. Sharing your screen to many others outside of your network puts some hefty weight on your poor little desktop.

CPU usage when screen sharing is typically between 85-100%, which doesn’t leave room for much else!

If your content is basic Power Point slides, this may be just groovy.. But what if you want to be a little more 2015 and include some nice slide transitions and rich media, some video perhaps?

Streaming video and animations through desktop sharing to your audience, makes for some very jumpy viewing. It may even cause your system to sporadically freeze every now and again, leaving you to explain why you can’t change slides right now.


So, what does WorkCast do so differently?

This is why we are deliberately different. We built our platform to reflect our key values. Your Online Event should have Your Content and Your Brand, and be run on a Platform You Trust.

Let’s address these individually:

  • WorkCast will stream your animated slides and embedded video exactly how they would appear in PowerPoint, via our browser-based platform. This means you can include all the dazzling content you want and your attendees will see it play smoothly, without the need to bring in another window or program. There is no need for plug-ins as Your Content plays natively through the browser (think youtube-esque player window!).
  • WorkCast clients benefit of their own Branded Auditorium, designed by their guidelines. This is reflected throughout the whole attendee journey, from registration to post-event communications. If you were sharing your screen, where is Your Brand? Okay, so you can have your company logo in the header of every slide if you like.. but wouldn’t you rather use the space for more awesome content and let us take care of the rest?
  • With WorkCast, your presenters are in the safest hands. Our event delivery team are here to teach best-practices and make sure someone is there to move your slides along if you lose your connection 3 minutes in. That’s right, one of our guys is logged in, monitoring your entire event and making sure that no matter what happens, your event will still play beautifully (this is where pre-recording comes in real handy, actually).

Pre-Recording? Tell me more...

Sharing your screen means you have little to no choice about your event being live.

Some solutions can offer the recording option, so that you can use your presentation again. Firstly, deciding to pre-record your session so that it can be played at the time of your event to ‘appear live’ to your audience is nothing short of brilliant.

Are you a nervous presenter? No problem.

Connection have its off days? Don’t sweat it.

One of our team members can help you do the whole thing a few days in advance. We can then edit it and polish it to make sure what your attendees get on the day, is perfection.

My audience are investors/potential customers, it needs to be good!

The number of attendees you have can make even more of an impact.

The more people you share your screen with, the more strain you put on your device and the greater the chance of having issues during your event.

Surely for events where you want as big an audience as possible, perhaps if you’re doing an event for lead generation purposes, you certainly wouldn’t want to have the risk of poor content delivery or technical difficulties, would you?

To sum up, screen-sharing to a few colleagues or some friends may be an excellent idea!

Informal internal communications or training could certainly benefit from this method. To take your session to the next level though, a solution like WorkCast can add value to every piece of the Online Events puzzle, leaving you to put your proverbial feet up. 

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